Vernon D. HIll (producer and keyboard player)

Andrea Celestino (producer and bass player)

Emanuele Jorma Gasperi (guitar player)

Chiara Cortez (singer)

Teura Cenci (singer)

The Sessions Voices ( vocal group)

Contaminazioni Afro & L'Arcano (artists collective)

Andrea "Satomi" Bertorelli (keyboards player)

David "Fingers" Heynes (drummer)

Antwan Gardner (trombone player)

Andre Frappier (guitar player)

Beppe di Benedetto (trombone player)

Axel Reinemer (Sonar Kollektive,Jazzanova)

Detroit Mixo (Mc)

Joao Lourenzo ( singer)

Alessandro Contini (singer and music teacher)

Lorena Assisi ( Illustrator)

Afroroot (street artist)

Ismaila Mbaye ( percussionist )

Guerino Rondolone (bass and double bass player)


Gaia Groove (artist)

Tefenua Art Gallery

J Dilla

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